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Local Discoveries 01 – Mahébourg

As Zulu sings so well “Mahebourg”, his native village, demonstrates the attachment developed in the locals for this place. Located in the south of Mauritius, Mahebourg is not a locality like the others. It is full of stories that have marked the customs of the island. Mahébourg is also a rainbow community, which cohabitates in an environment where the pirogues of the fishermen make the reflection of the mountains in the turquoise water of the sea come alive. Within this locality is a conscientious development of the historical and cultural heritage.

Culture is what makes Mahébourg so unique. Art occupies a preponderant place in the village. Even in Ville-Noire, to reach this small village on the outskirts of Mahebourg, the Cavendish bridge must be crossed. The Cavendish Bridge was named after Cavendish Bhoyle, governor at the time.

On the other hand, Mahébourg has always been known as a charming village in Mauritius. It is a place of simple pleasure or culture is carried in triumph by the various local artists. Painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, all augured the locality a unique atmosphere of good life. A place where children and adults learn to perpetually rediscover the unexplained virtues of this place.  Mahébourg knew how to preserve this cachet of authenticity which allows the time of a moment to land, to admire and to listen to this land that speaks to us and its inhabitants who make it live.


Explora prestige offers you the opportunity to discover everything thanks to a guided tour of this wonderful village with rustic charm. The tour includes a visit to the Lavoir, Rhault Biscuit, Cavendish Bridge, and a stop at the Mahebourg Market on Mondays. Please contact the reception for further information on this visit.


See you on a journey back in time.


Discovery of a Marine Treasure: Blue Bay Marine Park

Among the most popular excursions in Mauritius, the Blue Bay Marine Park is well placed! This marine reserve of Mauritian corals and fish owes its name to the clear and luminous color of its waters. It is endowed with exceptional natural bottoms, making it the favorite destination of divers in Mauritius.


The Blue Bay Marine Park covers an area of ​​353 hectares and extends from the shore of Pointe Vacoas to Pointe Corps de Garde, including the lagoon, and extends 1 km from the reef. The Park was designated as a Ramsar site in January 2008, in recognition of its fundamental ecological functions for the protection of biodiversity. It is a beautiful place where you will find rare species of breathtaking beauty corals. There are 38 different species listed. You will be able to see tropical fish with sensational shades of color at less than 5 meters deep. There are 72 species that have been identified recently in the park. If you want to sit on your boat and gaze at the aquatic fauna through the glass bottom, you can decide whether to snorkel in the water to admire the beauty of this underwater sanctuary, Discover its innumerable rare species of corals and its hordes of curious multicolored fish that will encircle you immediately.


Located at 2 mins from Explora Prestige the view on the marine park is breathtaking. Our partner TamTam Travel will be happy to make you sail among this exceptional marine fauna. For more information, please contact us at the reception of Explora prestige


A Walk into the Wild – Ile-aux-Aigrettes

The island of Aigrettes is a small coral island of 26 hectares located just 1 km off the town of Mahebourg, east of Mauritius. It is a natural site classified as a “Nature Reserve” since 1965. Today it is protected by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF), which has done everything to preserve the endemic species of Mauritius. The name of the island comes from a colony of Aigrettes that lived there during the years 1600. The Aigrettes are birds with long legs. During the Second World War, the island had served as a military base for the British and it was during this period that most of the native forest was destroyed. By carefully observing the surroundings during your visit, you can admire the Pigeons of the Mares perched on the branches of trees, the native lizards hidden in the foliage, the giant tortoises lounging in the undergrowth or the bats hanging on the Trees, head down.
As you walk along the marked trails, you will realize the ongoing efforts of MWF to reintroduce rare species such as the gecko of Gunther, the Cardinal of Mauritius, the orchids and the endemic flatlands such as the Boucle d’oreille, a species peculiar to the island.

Practical informations :

• The tour lasts 1H30 Minutes
• Tours are guided in French and English
• Booking at the reception of Explora Prestige

Get a bottle of water, a cap and good walking shoes for the visit.


See you into the wild,